Shopping last minute for a special event, or with limited time within which you feel you must make a purchase, rarely results in good decisions. Open-ended shopping on the other hand, where it doesn't matter if you buy something or not, makes more sense. Better still, shop "by accident" on purpose, when you don't need anything but have a list (see 3 below to make more sense of that sentence). "I've had a lot more success shopping when someone else is shopping or I'm in a rush to go somewhere and I shouldn't look. I like shopping with peripheral vision." – from Women in Clothes (Heti, Julavits and Shapton) 3. THE BEST BUYS ARE ONES THAT ADD GREAT POSSIBILITY TO WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Do you actually know what you already own? What's lacking? What's a priority? From this, develop a list. I have one, and I try very hard to stick to it.

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