And he stated that he did not want to play Potter again "at this point". The 27-year-old British actor has starred as JK Rowling's child wizard in several films since 2001. But his latest screen role, in the thriller Imperium, is as Nate Foster, an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group. 'Fear and hatred' Radcliffe told Victoria Derbyshire this had led him to think more about racial issues, and to consider how close to "mainstream" some of the opinions in the film had become. one way flights He criticised the Republican US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, saying he had "stirred up" feelings of "fear and hatred". The US film industry has itself come in for criticism for racism, with actor Dustin Hoffman and director Spike Lee boycotting this year's Oscars ceremony over what has been described as a lack of ethnic minority nominees. Asked whether Hollywood was "racist", Radcliffe, who is on the panel that chooses Oscar winners, said: "It's pretty undeniable." Image caption Daniel Radcliffe said allegations of anti-Semitism within Labour were "shocking" He added: "We like to think of ourselves as being a very, very progressive industry, but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas. " Radcliffe also voiced concern that gay actors felt unable to come out because "I suppose then people just want to cast you as gay". In 2012, the actor declared himself a supporter of the Labour Party, having previously backed the Liberal Democrats, and has since voiced support for leader Jeremy Corbyn. Asked about recent allegations of anti-Semitism within Labour, Radcliffe - whose mother is Jewish - described them as "absolutely awful" and "shocking". Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Potter films are reported to have taken more than $7bn (5.4bn) globally But he said he was still likely to back Labour at the next election "if it was a choice between that and the Conservatives".

And Congress has not authorized money for upgrades since 2002, just after the disputed 2000 presidential recount battle in Florida highlighted flaws in aging punch-card and lever-voting systems. In some states, a divide has emerged between poorer areas that continue to use paperless touch-screen systems and wealthier areas that have bought new optical scan systems that process paper ballots, which many experts say are a better way to ensure accurate elections. In Virginia, for example, counties that still use touch-screen systems have a poverty rate of 23 percent, while those that have switched to optical-scan systems have an average poverty rate of 11 percent. "I would have liked to have had the new machines, but the county says we don't have the money," said Patsy Burchett, the top election official in rural Lee County, which has been hit hard by the decline of the coal and tobacco industries and is the poorest county in the state. "These machines are on their last legs," she said. QUESTIONABLE RESULTS U.S. election officials have known about the shortcomings of touch-screen systems since shortly after they were widely adopted in the early 2000s, when researchers showed that vote results could be manipulated with tools as simple as a magnet and a Palm Pilot-style handheld device. The systems haveproduced questionable results in some elections. In Florida, more than 18,000 iVotronic machines did not record a vote in a 2006 congressional race in which the margin of victory was less than 400 votes. In Fairfax County, Virginia, electronic machines subtracted one vote for every hundred cast for one candidate in a 2003 school-board race. More than 4,400 electronic ballots in Carteret County, North Carolina, were lost and never recovered in the 2004 presidential election.

Waliszewski is the founder and CEO of TripScout , a travel app that provides users with city guides and maps. He's also traveled to over 80 countries and has his own travel blog, GoKonrad . @gokonrad / Instagram Here's how Waliszewski explainsthe hack: "The principle of alternative route travel hacking is that by optimizing individual legs of a flight, the total flight can cost less than if you relied on a travel search engine or airline for your results." So basically if you're traveling from London to Tokyo, instead of finding a direct flight on a travel search engine like Kayak, split the trip up so you have a layover somewhere, like Dubai. The hope is that the combined total of the flight from London to Dubai and the flight from Dubai to Tokyo will be less than the one direct flight from London to Tokyo. However, the trick here is to find your own layover, rather than rely on a search engine to find one. Waliszewski breaks the hack down into steps: 1. Find the cheapest direct flight to your destination Even though you probably won't end up booking this flight because you'll find a cheaper option, you'll want to identify this price to use as a comparison variable. 2. Find cities that offer cheap flights to your final destination Waliszewski often relies on this Wikipedia list of the busiest airports in the world to help with this. Once you've identified a city that offers inexpensive flights to your destination, you'll want to make sure you can get there easily from the city you're originally flying out of.

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