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Mexican Tarahumara woman wins 50km in sandals Who said you need to have the latest shoes to be the best runner on the road? Recently, one woman from Mexico proved that sneakers might be overrated. On April 29, María Lorena Ramírez beat out 500 other runners in a 50-kilometer race wearing a pair of sandals made out of recycled rubber. The news media just caught wind of her victory on Monday. Many wondered how the 22-year-old won the Ultra Trail Cerro Rojo held in Puebla, Mexico. Ramírez comes from the Tarahumara community, an indigenous society that treats running as a spiritual practice. In his book called “Born to Run,” marathoner Christopher McDougall wrote about how the Tarahumara are able to run such long distances and produce talented runners. They traditionally live in widespread settlements with villages that sit miles apart from each other. This causes people to traverse long distances to hunt and trade. They often run in groups and teach the younger ones how to แฟชั่น รองเท้า ผ้าใบ ผู้หญิง pace themselves. The people of Tarahumara also consume large quantities of corn beer, which keeps them hydrated and is full of carbohydrates.

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